Helping individuals and families achieve their health goals 

-physically, mentally and emotionally.

Dr. Robyn Croutch and Dr Michael Shwartzstein8 Haven Avenue
Suite 223
Port Washington, New York 11050
Balancing Mind and Body: Your Path to Wellness with Chiropractic and Neurofeedback
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**Rediscover Your Path to Wellness**

Struggling with unresolved health issues can be daunting for anyone, regardless of age. At Back to Life Chiropractic and BrainCore Neurofeedback of Port Washington, we believe in comprehensive solutions that cater to the well-being of both children and adults. Our mission is to guide every individual—whether young or mature—back to a state of optimal health and vitality.

Our unique blend of chiropractic care and BrainCore Neurofeedback is designed to address a wide array of health challenges, tailored to meet the specific needs of each age group. Whether you or your loved ones are:

- Navigating anxiety or depression
- Encountering concentration and focus difficulties
- Facing sleep disturbances
- Enduring chronic pain and stiffness
- Overwhelmed by stress
- Or simply not feeling like your best self

We are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive environment. Our team takes the time to listen, understand, and develop a personalized plan that targets both the symptoms and their root causes. From the youngest members of your family to the eldest, Back to Life Chiropractic and BrainCore Neurofeedback is your partner on the journey back to wellness, where a healthier, happier life awaits.

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How My Program Works

We aim to support and guide individuals towards achieving their personal and professional goals. My program typically begins with an initial consultation, where I assess your current situation and identify areas for growth and development.

Once we establish goals, we work together to create a personalized action plan. Throughout the coaching program, I provide ongoing support and guidance to help you unlock your potential for personal and professional success.

Start today and we can get you on your way to a better personal and professional you!

What To Expect In Your First 90 Days

Step 1: We will set clear goals.This means taking the time to reflect on what you want to achieve and why it matters to you. Remember, goals need to be attainable and time-bound to keep you on track and measure progress.

Step 2: We will create an action plan.This will break down your goals into manageable steps and outline specific actions you need to take to achieve them.Having a clear action plan ensures that you have a roadmap to follow, making it easier to make progress andstay on track during the first 90 days of your coaching program.


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