What To Expect In Your First 30 Days

In the initial 30 days of neurofeedback, individuals start to notice the transformative effects of their customized therapy sessions. Engaging with their favorite movies or TV shows, they experience neurofeedback in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. This period is marked by subtle yet impactful changes, as improvements in concentration, emotional balance, and stress resilience begin to emerge. The brain, through this process, learns to adjust and enhance its own functioning, guided by the real-time feedback it receives. Regular check-ins ensure the program remains finely tuned to the individual's evolving needs, fostering a supportive environment for growth and positive change.

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Dr Robyn croutch


dr Michael shwartzstein

Drs. Michael Shwartzstein and Robyn Croutch bring over 45 years of combined experience to their chiropractic practice, focusing on comprehensive care that addresses both the brain and body. Their journey into BrainCore Neurofeedback began 13 years ago, motivated by a friend's struggle with their son's ADHD. This personal connection led them to explore Neurofeedback, especially when they discovered that a trusted mentor from their chiropractic training was an expert in the field.

In her commitment to providing the highest level of care, Dr. Robyn Croutch has also completed Dr. Amen's Brain Health Professional Certification. This specialized training enhances her ability to support patients with a wide range of neurological and emotional challenges, complementing their practice's holistic approach.

After thorough training in Neurofeedback, they began offering it in their practice and quickly observed its profound impact. Their approach has led to significant breakthroughs: a teenager at risk found a new path forward, children with autism began to communicate, adults with anxiety found relief, and young patients with attention and behavioral issues made noticeable progress.

Drs. Shwartzstein and Croutch's practice is grounded in their commitment to providing care that looks at the whole picture, combining traditional chiropractic techniques with innovative Neurofeedback therapy and brain health insights to achieve lasting wellness.