Holiday Organizing

Holiday Organizing
The holidays are coming! Every year, I see a bunch of unlabeled totes, with a mix of decor and vow to organize it. Then I think the same thing next year. And the next year.

I love seeing things with labels and clearly marked. It is SO helpful when I can quickly get something due to this system.

But to start it. That’s the hard part!

Make sure you have enough totes that you can separate things. This year I had fall mixed with winter and seeing winter stuff out but not hanging up cluttered my brain! Ah!

I got a fall only tote. When I took down all my fall decor, I put in the tote AND labeled it. All at once.

Get your labels out before you pack! Or it’ll be too easy to push it off with “I’ll do that tomorrow” “I’ll do that later”

Are your holiday decor totes organized or a mess?

Organizing Thanksgiving

Organizing Thanksgiving
Are you cooking this Thanksgiving or are you going to another’s house?

If you are cooking, then this can be *stressful*! I’d like to share some tips that can hopefully lessen this stress for you.

1. Keep it simple. I know you probably have seen many extravagant tables that are garnished with the most beautiful meals but yours doesn’t need to be that fancy! Thanksgiving is about coming together and enjoying the company of others. Stick to your tried and true recipes, throw a tablecloth on the table and relax and enjoy the day.

2. Make a menu and make a list. You can write out your menu then write down everything you need! This should save the stress of running out of anything and/or making a million last minute grocery store runs. One thing I always forget is spices! Check your spices and make a note of any that are running low.

3. Delegate. YOU do not need to be the one who does EVERYTHING. Get the kids involved, get the spouse involved. If you are hosting other guests, ask them to bring a dish! If everyone contributes then that less you have to worry about and cook.

4. Prep what you can. Do all your peeling, chopping, etc beforehand so on Thanksgiving day you can put it together and into the oven.

How to get things done by asking for help

How to get things done by asking for help
Earlier this week, I challenged you to ask for help. How did it go??

I want to know tie that in with this tip.

A big challenge for ADHD folks is getting things done. We know we need to get a task done. If it’s big and overwhelming, we are taught to “break it into small tasks” but that is a task itself! So how is *that* supposed to get done?! Geez!

Ask for help. Do you know someone who loves making to do lists? Who is organized? Maybe it’s your friend, neighbor, parent? Ask them to break this huge task into small pieces for you.

If you are embarrassed, try framing it this way.. “hey, I have to do X and I just don’t know where to start! Where you start with this if it was you?”

My assistant, Debbie, is the detailed oriented one and I rely on that expertise often 😜

What is the 5 Factor Method

What is the 5 Factor Method
What is the 5 Factor Method?

The 5 Factor method is a program designed for women with ADHD . It is Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Healthy nervous system and life hacking systems all designed to help natutally support the symptoms of ADHD.

In the course, we go over a myriad of techniques and strategies to support the brain. We work to modify your environment in simple but impactful ways.

In the nutrition module, we go over foods and supplements to your specific needs.

In the sleep module, we go over how great restorative sleep is and ways to get it!

In the exercise module, we learn specialized (but simple) exercises that help to balance the brain.

In the nervous system module, we talk about stress. The different sources of stress and how we can maximize our nervous system around it.

In the life hacking systems module, we focus on life! Time management, organization and mindfulness to name a few.

You get ALL that and more! Weekly zoom calls, a community, worksheets, accountability and full support from me.

Drop any questions about the program below and I’ll be sure to answer them!

Ask for Help

Ask for Help
Challenge of the week!

Too often, we could really use someone’s help but we rarely ask for it.

On the flip side, aren’t we always telling people “let me know if you need help!”

I want you to ask for help. At home, at work, etc

We might just get it! And wouldn’t having some help be so dang *helpful*?!

What’s an area in your life where you could use some help? For me, it’s someone occupying my kid’s attention so I can focus on making a meal.
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